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The Orange County Sheriff’s Department offers an easy-to-use online inmate locator tool on their official website. To access this service, visit their website and navigate to the “Inmate Information” or “Find an Inmate” section.

Enter the inmate’s first and last name, or their booking number, if you have it. The system will then provide you with information about the inmate’s current status, including their housing location, booking date, charges, and sometimes their scheduled release date.

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Inmate Search Guidelines

To look up an inmate in Orange County, California, you should have as much of the following data as possible:

  1. Inmate’s Full Name: Having the inmate’s complete first and last name is typically the most critical piece of information.

  2. Date of Birth: If you have the inmate’s date of birth, it can help narrow down the search if there are multiple individuals with the same name.

  3. Booking Number: If you have the inmate’s booking number, this is a unique identifier assigned to each person when they are initially processed into the jail. It can expedite the search process.

  4. Case Number: Some systems allow you to search for an inmate using their case number, which is related to their specific legal case or charges.

Having the inmate’s full name is usually the minimum requirement for searching for an inmate in Orange County, but providing additional information such as the date of birth, booking number, or case number can help ensure you find the correct individual, especially if their name is common. The more information you can provide, the more accurate and efficient your search wil

Inmate Search Form

Locate An Inmate In Orange County Jails

Find an inmate in other Orange County Jails here in Southern California. 

Other Facilities Include:


Jail Name Jail Address Jail Phone Number
Women's Central Jail 44 Civic Center Plaza, Santa Ana, CA 92703 (714) 647-4666
Orange County Central Men's Jail 550 N. Flower Street Santa Ana, CA 92703 (714) 647-4666
Anaheim Jail 425 S Harbor Blvd. Anaheim, CA 92805 (714) 765-1900
Brea Jail 1 Civic Center Circle, Brea CA 92821 (714) 990-7626
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