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Theo Lacy Facility

In order to book a visitation with an inmate in the Theo Lacy Facility, please call the jail directly at (714) 935-6940. You may also visit the online page for inmate visitation information here

When you want to deposit money to an inmate that is in the Theo Lacy Jail, there are several ways to do so. You may mail a money order or visit the jail and deposit at a Jail ATM. 

When an inmate is first placed in custody they will be able to make a few select free calls. After that the system is collect only and must be set up on the person outside’s end to receive calls. 

When visiting inmates or sending them mail at Theo Lacy. Please use the following address.

501 The City Dr S, Orange, CA 92868

Frequently Asked Questions

501 The City Dr S, Orange, CA 9286811703 S. Alameda Street, Lynwood, CA 90262 

Theo Lacy Jail Hours:

Visiting Hours: Friday - Monday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Call inmate information for the county at (213) 473-6100 , directly or call us for assistance at the Lynwood Jail Information Desk (310) 464-2181 at  with your search which is open 24 hours a day. You should have your inmates full name, date of birth and when they were arrested.

The Theo Lacy Facility is a correctional center located in Orange County, California. It is situated in the city of Orange.

Theo Lacy Jail primarily detains adult male inmates. It's known for housing individuals who are awaiting trial or sentencing, those serving short sentences, and immigration detainees.

You can contact an inmate at Theo Lacy Jail by sending them mail through the U.S. Postal Service. Make sure to follow the facility's guidelines on addressing and content restrictions.

Visitation hours and rules can change, so it's best to check the official website or contact the facility directly for the most up-to-date information on visitation schedules and guidelines.

To post bail for an inmate, you can contact the Orange County Sheriff's Department or visit the jail in person to obtain information on the bail process, including the amount and acceptable forms of payment.

  1. If you suspect an inmate's rights are being violated, you can contact the jail administration or the Orange County Sheriff's Department to report your concerns. You may also consider reaching out to legal advocacy organizations for assistance.

  1. Yes, Theo Lacy Jail offers various rehabilitation and educational programs to help inmates with personal development, addiction recovery, and job skills training.


You can search for an inmate's release date by using the Orange County Sheriff's Department's inmate locator tool on their website or by contacting the facility directly.


The facility typically has strict rules regarding what you can bring during visits. Generally, you may be allowed to bring a limited amount of identification and money for the inmate. It's essential to check the current visitation guidelines for specific details.


Theo Lacy Jail typically does not allow care packages or gifts from outside sources. Inmates may have access to items they need through the facility's commissary, which is stocked with approved products they can purchase.

Other Theo Lacy Resources

Finding an inmate in the Theo Lacy Facility is quite easy. Either use the form above or give us a call directly at:

(714) 844-1606

When there is a disruption in operations, inmates may go on a temporary or long term lockdown. During lockdown phone calls and visits are suspended for the most part with the exception of attorney contacts.

All inmates are screened for mental health issues upon intake and can contact for ongoing services. If you have a pressing concern on your loved ones mental health, please call the jail directly and they will be quick to assist. 

Inmates are required to follow the jail rules while in custody. When an inmate does not follow the jail rules they may be subject to situational discipline. This can include a loss of privilege’s including use of telephone and visits.

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