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Calling An Inmate In Theo Lacy Facility

Jail Calling An Inmate Information

  • In accordance with California regulations, upon admission, inmates are entitled to a limited number of complimentary local calls. These calls are primarily intended for reaching out to family members or legal counsel before the formal processing into custody is completed.

  • After this initial period, inmates are not able to receive calls from the outside back.
  • Inmates typically are able to make daily calls using the secure collect call system located inside their housing unit.

Phone Guidelines

All calls are subject to recording and monitoring, so engaging in conversations related to illegal activities can have severe consequences for both you and your loved ones. When discussing your legal case, it’s imperative to do so within a controlled environment in the presence of your attorney.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that the jail’s communication system is distinct from the regular phone system. For any concerns regarding billing or connection problems, you should reach out to the collect call company directly.


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